About Submissions

Inclusion/Removal Policy:

The websites, articles and resources listed have been chosen by business librarians from the University of British Columbia and community partners. Although suggestions are always welcome, UBC staff retains the final decision regarding which website to include on the Small Business Accelerator Website.

Inclusion Criteria:

• Provides accurate, reliable and current information.
• Clearly identifies the sources used to substantiate claims.
• The primary intent of the website is to educate or inform.
• Identifies sources of funding and sponsorship.
• Provides information that is relevant to the mandate of the Small Business Accelerator Website.
• Provides a way to contact author, organization or webmaster.

Removal Criteria:

• Out of date and/or no longer maintained by author.
• Found to have inaccurate, misleading or unsubstantiated information.
• Is superseded by another source that has superior content.