Blogs Archive (2010)

Working with a Franchise

Dec 29, 2010
Like the idea of self-employment but loath the thought of going it alone? Starting (or buying) a franchised business is a popular approach to self-employment, allowing owners to take advantage of a proven business model - for a fee.

The Digital Tattoo of your Business

Dec 28, 2010
A digital tattoo can be viewed in many ways (literally). Used well, it can demonstrate the best aspects of your business to a large online audience. If poorly managed, however, a damaging digital tattoo can become a serious liability. So: what is the digital tattoo of your business, and how can you control it?

The Daily - Your Key to Statistics Canada Resources

Dec 2, 2010
Statistics Canada is perhaps best known for the national census it produces every 5 years...but did you know that (beyond the census) StatsCan also conducts research into nearly every aspect of Canadian life, with over 350 research surveys currently ongoing?

A List of Small Business Books for Libraries / Learning Centres

Nov 23, 2010
Recently updated - Suggested Titles for Small Business Collections. This list, jointly created by Vancouver Public Library and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC), has been put together to help librarians and other business literature collectors across B.C. develop their small-business collections.