Blogs Archive (2011)

Fair Financing for Female Entrepreneurs?

Mar 4, 2011
Building on an Oct 2010 report by the SME Financing Data Initiative, Globe & Mail reporter Marjo Johne examines the issues of gender discrimination towards female entrepreneurs seeking business financing.

The Value of a Business Logo

Mar 2, 2011
Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft & Coca-Cola - these are the 5 most valuable global brands for 2010. What do all of these brands have in common? Iconic imaging and powerful visual branding. If you're trying to build a brand for your small business - or just a consistent marketing image, it's worth investing in a logo.

CCH - Answers to Business Legal/Regulatory Questions

Feb 9, 2011
In the course of operating a business, every owner/manager comes across an issue or question that they're just not certain how to answer. Some questions can live without answers. Other questions, such as 'How should I handle privacy in the workplace?' or 'How much am I required to pay employees for overtime work?' require more definite answers. If you're looking for specific information on legal or regulatory issues - CCH print publications are an effective way to find answers. 

Hard to Find Info for Start-ups - Poll Results

Feb 4, 2011
'What type of Information is Difficult to Find?' - was a 3-month long running poll question on the SBA homepage - and the results are in!

Joining a Business Association

Jan 25, 2011
There is strength in numbers - no question, and joining a business / industry association is a great way to tap into the skills, knowledge and economic advantages that larger groups may hold.

RRSP strategies for the Self-Employed

Jan 21, 2011
  With the 2010 RRSP deadline less than a month away (March 1 , 2011), self-employed Canadians must ask themselves: how much (if any) will I contribute for 2010? For the newly self-employed, moving away from 'regular employment' means that existing RRSP strategies should be adjusted to match a new financial situation.

Entrepreneurship or Salesmanship?

Jan 13, 2011
One of the critical ingredients that is easily ignored when defining entrepreneurial spirit, is salesmanship. The ability to sell something - whether it be a product, service, person or a business idea - is an ideal trait for the self-employed, yet many of us shy away from the 'sales' aspect of running a business. After all - being an entrepreneur is totally different than being a salesperson....right?