Blogs Archive (2012)

The Evolving Workplace (Part 1 of 2): Managing Employees in a Virtual Environment

Dec 10, 2012
The work environment is rapidly changing, incorporating new and innovative models. For the entrepreneur these new models can present both challenges and benefits.

Hot Business Books: Starting a Business Without an MBA

Oct 26, 2012
Lots of business owners feel outmatched by individuals who went to business school. While there are some excellent benefits of getting a formal business education, it’s not necessarily a requirement for success. Some of the most successful business men and women have achieved greatness without any formal training.

Cool tools: Fundica - The free finding funding tool

Oct 11, 2012
Have you ever wished you could search just one database to find business funding opportunties throughout Canada? Now you can! Guest blogger Mike Lee, Eng., MBA, CFA is a partner at Fundica, a new free online funding search tool. Read on to learn more about how you can use Fundica for your business.