Blogs Archive (2013)

Industry Overview: Restaurants

May 23, 2013
Restaurants are found in both rural and urban communities and are consistently a popular start-up idea. As such, we want to provide you with a current industry overview, trends and challenges as well as provide some research resources for those interested in opening a restaurant.

Resource Highlight: Hiring Students and Young People

May 8, 2013
There are numerous initiatives to encourage Canadian employers to hire students and young people as well as provide mentoring services to young entrepreneurs. These programs have numerous benefits for both BC businesses and BC's young people and students.

Guest Post: Cut Overhead by Reducing Power Usage

May 1, 2013
Whether you work alone or have an office full of employees, monthly utility bills can comprise a significant portion of your company's expenditures. But just because your initial budget may have accounted for several hundred dollars a month (or far more) of electricity usage doesn't mean that you're obliged to keep up that quota.

How to do Business Research: The Basics

Apr 24, 2013
It can be daunting to begin business research for your start up idea. There is so much information out there, how do you know where to start and what to look for?

Guest Post: Legal Matters for Startups and Small Businesses

Mar 13, 2013
This blog posting is for two types of people: business people with a legal issue, and lawyers with a business issue.  I’ll touch on each in order.

New models for financing: Slow money

Mar 6, 2013
One trend that you can expect to see growing in 2013 is Slow Money; an investment strategy inspired by the tenets of the Slow Food Movement and founded by Woody Tasch in 2009.

Hot Industry Trends

Feb 27, 2013
Starting a business is always risky, but being an entrepreneur also has the potential for great rewards. Keeping tabs on industry trends can help you strike while the iron is hot. Here are the 11 best business opportunities for this year published by

The newcomer’s introduction to starting a business in British Columbia

Feb 20, 2013
Starting a business can be a complicated process and is often different in different places. Newcomers or non-Canadians wishing to start a business in Canada have some extra considerations before getting started.

The Evolving Workplace (Part 2 of 2): Is a Co-working Space Right for You?

Feb 6, 2013
Today workspace options are more flexible and varied than ever before. Of course, there is the traditional office and the virtual work environment, but now, for those of you who want a bit of both, there is the shared office or co-working space. Co-work or collaborative work spaces are on the rise.