Blogs Archive (2014)

Industry Overview: Bicycle Business

Aug 14, 2014
In the waning months of summer, the SBA finds ourselves reflecting on one of the most quintessential summer props in BC – the bicycle.

Try These Four E-Commerce Tips to Boost Your Online Sales—Video Content Roundup

Jul 31, 2014
The past decade has seen e-commerce occupy a greater role in our everyday lives.

Four Crucial Tips for Cash-Strapped Startups Looking to Hire—Video Content Roundup

Jul 17, 2014
It’s a common problem that just about every fledgling startup comes upon sooner or later: how do you assemble a diverse team of skilled individuals without breaking the bank? With a limited amount of funds in your hands, you need to be strategic about bringing new talent into the fold.

Four Tips to Turn Your Next Business Pitch into a Home Run—Video Content Roundup

Jul 3, 2014
It’s no secret that pitching a business can put a mammoth load of stress on an entrepreneur’s shoulders. You can craft an air-tight business model, but it won’t mean much unless you effectively communicate your vision to others—whether they might be investors, employees, customers or somebody else.

Planning for Success: Aboriginal Small Business Success Starts with a Business Plan

Jun 19, 2014
June marks a time in Canada to remember the contributions and assets of the Aboriginal community to Canada’s history, economy and enriching culture.