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Industry Overview: Florist Shop Business

Apr 14, 2014
A florist shop is a retail establishment that sells cut flowers and ornamental plants. The floral trade involves activities such as flower care, flower arranging, floral design, merchandising, and often flower delivery. Florist shops are an ever popular industry and one of the most searched guides on our website.

Co-founder Partnerships: Four Tips for Buddying Up – Video Content Roundup

Mar 24, 2014
There’s no getting around the fact that entrepreneurship is hard work. The rewards can be tremendous, but the time and effort that goes into building a company from the ground up is more than most people can handle—by themselves, anyway. To ease the burden of managing a startup, many entrepreneurs go into business with a co-founder.

Fundica Roadshow 2014

Mar 4, 2014

Value-Based Pricing for Entrepreneurs: It’s an Art, Not a Science—Video Content Roundup

Feb 24, 2014
When pricing their product or service, many entrepreneurs keep things scientific.

Industry Overview: Wedding Business

Feb 22, 2014
For engaged couples, staging a wedding can be both exciting and stressful. To help manage the process and to ensure a picture-perfect (stress-free) wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a smart idea. Wedding planning is an ever popular industry and one of the most searched guides on our website.

Four Tips for Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital -Video Content Roundup

Feb 3, 2014
Money is a major source of concern for all entrepreneurs. Developing a startup isn’t cheap, which is why it’s important to secure enough funds to get your business on the road to success.

Four Ways Successful Startups Tackle Customer Relations - Video Roundup

Jan 23, 2014
Customer relations will either make or break your startup. According to Steve Blank, author of The Startup Owner’s Manual, new ventures rarely go belly-up due to a lack of technology. Instead, they fail because they haven’t found enough buyers willing to take the plunge.