Blogs Archive (2016)

Ten Holiday Markets of British Columbia

Nov 29, 2016
Holiday season is here. And that means one thing: holiday markets!

BC Pitching Competitions

Nov 17, 2016
Have you kept your eye on the ball, entrepreneurs? Because Global Entrepreneur Week 2016 is in full swing! But with every swing, there’s a pitch—and what is an entrepreneur without their pitch? So, to motivate our entrepreneurs, we’ve collected a series of pitching competitions. We answer the “who,” “what,” and “when” regarding these competitions to help you step up to the plate and take on your entrepreneurial goals. To top it all off, you have home advantage because all of these competitions are located in British Columbia.

The SBA is Making Some Changes!

Nov 9, 2016
In an effort to improve our website’s layout, we’re looking for people who may be interested in giving us feedback related to our website! You can help by completing a short, online survey OR joining us in a remote-testing session -- that's right, you don't even have to leave your computer screen! Your time and opinion is invaluable to us, so here’s your chance to speak your piece and help push the SBA forward! Interested? Continue reading to learn more:

How to Choose the Right Point of Sale for your Business?

Nov 2, 2016
Whether you run a café, sell your products at a farmers’ market or provide professional services, all businesses have one thing in common: monetary transactions. Point of Sale (POS) systems process these transactions, provide reporting and can help manage staff and inventory. POS solutions can be cloud-based or license-based.

Ten Books to Inspire You During Small Business Week 2016

Oct 17, 2016
To kick-off Small Business Week 2016 here at the SBA, we have collaborated once again with our friends at the David Lam Management Research Library to bring small business dreamers some literary inspiration.

SBA Library

Oct 6, 2016
Throughout July and August, we asked various librarians throughout British Columbia for their business book recommendations and received an onslaught of responses.

Business Oriented Legal Services, Free of Charge

Sep 23, 2016
If you are living in British Columbia and require legal advice regarding small business or non-profit matters; have limited means of paying for legal advice; and can come to the University of British Columbia Campus in person for an appointment, the Bobinski  Business Law Clinic at the Peter A. Allard School of Law (the “Clinic”) at the University of British Columbia may be of interest to you.

Industry Overview: Online Retail (E-commerce)

Aug 29, 2016
Online retail stores are virtual establishments that sell a variety of consumer or business-to-business products through e-commerce transactions.

10 Business Books to Read This Summer

Jul 19, 2016
With summer finally here, we have launched our #sbalibrary campaign on Twitter to inspire the B.C. business community to kick back and enjoy the nice weather while checking out a great read.

Industry Overview: Portrait Photography

Jun 28, 2016
Portrait photography involves capturing the likeness of a person or persons using various photographic equipment- in either a studio or at a specific location. This type of photography is particularly popular for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, and births.