Take the #sbalibrary Summer Reading Challenge

Jun 5, 2017
We’ve all heard it before – reading helps entrepreneurs keep up with trends, develop skills, and be inspired by innovation. But how do you decide what book to pick up next, and how do you motivate yourself to keep reading? The SBA has a solution for that!

Accelerate Your Learning with Video Tutorials

May 18, 2017
Want to learn how to define your business structure, use social media for your business or sharpen your Excel skills, but don’t have time to take a course? No problem! With the growth of online videos, it seems there are online video tutorials for almost any topic. And that includes business research!

Support for Social Enterprises

May 1, 2017
What do British Columbians value? Making positive impacts—and the social ventures sector is certainly thriving in British Columbia.

Making the Pitch: How Research Can Build Credibility

Apr 19, 2017
You’ve got “THE” business idea that you’re convinced will be a success. But how can you convince your audience? With research!

Industry Overview: Financial Industry

Apr 5, 2017
Tax season is upon us! We doubt many of you look forward to this period, except of course the accountants among us.   It is a time when we reflect on our finances and whether someone can assist us in meeting our financial targets.  This overview is for the financial savvy among us who dream of helping others meet their financial goals and build a safety net.

Open Education Sources for Small Businesses

Mar 22, 2017
We are in the middle of Open Education Week, which lasts from March 27th to 31st this year. The goal of the week is to raise awareness about sources, uses and benefits of open education. We conducted some research to find open resources that will be helpful for a small business owner.

Want to Improve your Chances of Business Success? Get a Mentor!

Mar 8, 2017
March 8th marks International Women's Day 2017! International Women's Day is a time to celebrate women and #BeBoldForChange as we rise together toward a better working world. Women in British Columbia looking to rise to their own entrepreneurial potential can find support with the Women's Enterprise Centre (WEC). For International Women's Day 2017, we have invited the WEC to share their tips for success: 

Gen X, Y or Z? British Columbia’s Demographic Breakdown

Feb 10, 2017
We often come across the terms such as Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Gen Y and Gen Z in the news, read about future trends or hear business leaders talk about their future customer base.  What do these age groups really mean?

Family Business & Succession Planning

Feb 8, 2017
With Family Day just around the corner, it’s time to talk “The Talk” with your kin. That’s right: we’re talking about family succession planning. Business owners want to see their businesses grow and succeed into the future.

Trends for Businesses for 2017

Jan 25, 2017
Bank of Canada predicts 2% GDP growth for Canada for 2017. As a new year begins experts often write about popular trends we are likely to see. We read through these predictions to see what might be useful for small businesses in British Columbia. The following is a list of eight different trends that is food for thought for entrepreneurs.