Key Resources Highlight (Part 3 of 5): Management and Human Resources

Published: Oct 2, 2013
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017

A successful business is all about proper management! On our Key Resources: Management and Human Resources page you'll find resources on the management of people and human resources, including how to assess yourself and discover what areas you excel in and where you might need a little help.

The resources that will be listed and discussed here are aimed at helping businesses from all industries. However, if you still need more precise information make sure to explore our industry specific Accelerator Guides to find a fit for your small business ideas!

Key Resources

  • HR Resources - connects job seekers to companies throughout British Columbia. In their section for employers business owners will find useful tips on the latest employee recruitment and retainment strategies.

Rights and Obligations


  • Get Youth Working - Funded through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement, Get Youth Working offers employers financial incentives to hire eligible youth between 15 and 29 years of age.

Self-Assessment Tools

  • CFA Snapshot Self Assessment - Created by the Canadian Innovation Centre, the CFA Snapshot is a free online tool for entrepreneurs that lets you self-assess your venture against the 8 most critical factors for venture success.


Do you use or know of any other tools or resources that we should add to our Management and Human Resources page? How do you approach management and human resources issues? What are the most valuable tools you use in your business for human resources and management?