Key Resources Highlight (Part 4 of 5): Marketing

Published: Oct 17, 2013
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017

Sometimes, in business and in life, we get distracted from the big picture and focus too much on the details. This can be a challenge whether you are starting or already have a small business. With that in mind our five part series on business startups highlights some of the tools and resources found in our Key Resources section of the website. Each week will cover a new aspect of starting and running a business including business plans, marketing and legal assistance. The resources that will be listed and discussed here are aimed at helping businesses from all industries. However, if you still need more precise information make sure to explore our industry specific Accelerator Guides to find a fit for your small business ideas!  

Why is Marketing Important?

You want people talking about your business and you want them to say good things. That’s why allocating time and resources to a marketing plan is important for your small business. Every business should be equipped with a marketing strategy and it's unlikely that any two businesses would have the same one. The type of marketing that works for you will depend on your business objectives, your target customers, your resources, and so much more. Our Key Resources: Marketing page will offer resources that will help you reach people and expand the way you look at marketing.


Key Resources


  • - Principle of Marketing Tutorials - The Principles of Marketing tutorials are like having access to an introduction to marketing textbook - online and for free! Each tutorial covers a wide variety of topics including extensive sections on promotion and marketing research though pricing and marketing management are good reads as well.


Marketing Plans


  • Small Business BC - How to Write a Marketing Plan - This guide shows you how to develop a marketing plan that includes details like how you intend to meet your customers’ needs and how tocommunicate the benefits of your products or services. When making any decisions about market positioning, pricing, promotions, and sales, your customers should always be a top priority.





Industry Articles


  • - Marketing - Inc. has a lot of excellent small business resources and their section on Marketing is definitely worth checking out. The articles are informative and easy to read. Take advantage of the search feature to find older articles on topics of interest to you.


What marketing strategies have you used in your business? What approaches/styles have you found most effective? Are there any tools or resources that made planning your marketing strategy easier?