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Co-operative Guide

Co-operatives offer an alternative business model, where control and ownership of the business is in the hands of members. Members can be employees, customers or residents, but in each case the members have a share in decision making and profits.  Rooted in democratic values and self-responsibility, co-operatives are becoming increasingly popular.  In Canada four out of ten people are members of some form of co-operative.

Consulting Guide

Consultants are experienced professionals that specialize in problem-solving and strategic planning. They are often called upon by clients to assist with researching and analyzing information, as well as coming up with strategic solutions to organizational problems.

Franchising Guide

Franchising occurs when a franchisor permits other business owners to use their already established business model, under a franchising contract. While many mass-franchises represent global businesses and are household names, there are countless other new or emerging franchise opportunities available as well.

Green - Eco Guide

The importance of green business practices and the profitability of sustainable / eco-friendly companies is on the rise. Many Canadian consumers are willing to pay a premium for 'green products', and are on the lookout for new products and services to fit their lifestyles. Consumer are interested both in products that are made using sustainable practices as well as services that allow that can allow business or home to be more environmentally conscious.

Home-Based Business Guide

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, opening up a separate 'store' does not fit well within personal, financial and time commitments, instead operating a business from a home office is preferred. Many business models work well from a home office: accounting - bookkeeping, daycare services, freelance writing, online retailing or many other businesses can easily be transitioned from bricks and mortar to your own personal living/working space.

Nonprofit Guide

Nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations strive to support and advance their communities. Revenue earned by a nonprofit organization isn't a personal gain for upper executives and is instead used to support the organization. Some examples of nonprofit organizations include social and recreational clubs, community organizations, trade organizations, and public charities.

Wholesale Guide

Buy big, sell big, think big - that's the guiding idea behind wholesaling for profit. Wholesale businesses are involved in trade, often international, of either durable or non durable goods of all sorts. A wholesale business might specialize in a particular product (such as books or shoes) or offer a variety of bulk products in a large retail environment, sometimes called mass merchandising.