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Accounting Guide

An accounting business is an establishment that provides professional services such as tax preparation, business financial documentation, audits and record keeping, usually through an in-person or virtual office setting. Customers of these services will range from individual persons to large corporations, depending on the size and focus of the company. Sometimes such services are offered by businesses as part of a larger offering of financial services such as financial advising, insurance options, estate planning etc. 

Advertising Agency Guide

An advertising agency is an independent company that is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients.

Catering Guide

Caterers are primarily engaged in providing food and drink services for various events, such as weddings, corporate functions, parties and trade shows. Depending on the size of the company, some catering businesses not only prepare the food, but also take care of elements such as event decorations and lighting.

Cleaning Business Guide

Cleaning businesses provide professional services in cleaning households, residential or commercial buildings, offices or businesses. Cleaning business can typically be broken down further into smaller markets such as household and commercial cleaning or janitorial services, or specialized services such as window or carpet cleaning.

Consulting Guide

Consultants are experienced professionals that specialize in problem-solving and strategic planning. They are often called upon by clients to assist with researching and analyzing information, as well as coming up with strategic solutions to organizational problems.

Employment / Staffing Services Guide

Employment Agencies provide human resource solutions for their clients. Employment (also called Temp or Staffing) Agencies work with both persons seeking employment and employers in need of labour. Agencies may also offer additional services such as professional recruitment, candidate screening and other HR solutions.

Financial Advisor Guide

A financial advisor is a person offering a wide range of financial products and wealth management solutions. Most financial advisors work with a portfolio of clients who they meet with and send correspondence to on a regular basis. While most self-employed financial advisors are affiliated with a larger financial institution or fund company, taking the time to conduct your own business planning and research can go a long way towards building a successful career in this competitive industry. 

Franchising Guide

Franchising occurs when a franchisor permits other business owners to use their already established business model, under a franchising contract. While many mass-franchises represent global businesses and are household names, there are countless other new or emerging franchise opportunities available as well.

Web Design and Development Guide

Web design and development involves creating websites and other online tools for clients. Web design involves a combination of technical and design skills including graphic design, content creation, search engine optimization, and communications.