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Language School Guide

Language schools help individuals learn a language, usually through some form of structured classes. Language schools offer a diverse range of classes based on the needs of their students, such as English conversation and business English. ESL or ELL students can be anyone from short-term visitors to new immigrants, and language schools often serve both children and adults.

Music Teaching Guide

Music teachers provide private or group instruction in playing a specific musical instrument, musical composition, or in music theory and harmony. Private music teachers are most often hired by music students, parents, or by a music school.

Personal Coaching Guide

Coaching is a profession that helps individuals improve their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. While some coaches are generalists, most work in a particular specialty area. For example, life coaches focus on helping clients define personal objectives and set goals, whereas business coaches focus on the success of an individual's business activities.

Tutoring Guide

Tutors provide private or group instruction in a specific elementary or secondary school subject, or in a specific skill. Tutors are most often hired by students, parents, or by a tutoring agency. Tutoring can be conducted in-home, at tutoring centres, or increasingly online.