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Animal Production Guide

Animal production encompasses a wide range of activities, including livestock farming, poultry farming, aquaculture, beekeeping, as well as raising exotic species. While the three traditional main areas of animal production include red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy, animal production businesses are expanding into new markets, such as organic and/or specialty foods and animal products.

Aquaculture Guide

Aquaculture is thriving in BC and around the world, and is actually the fastest growing food production activity in the world. Whether running an organic salmon farm or focusing on shellfish,aqua culture is a significant industry in British Columbia. Business opportunities exist at multiple levels of the value chain which include production, processing, distribution and sales.

Co-operative Guide

Co-operatives offer an alternative business model, where control and ownership of the business is in the hands of members. Members can be employees, customers or residents, but in each case the members have a share in decision making and profits.  Rooted in democratic values and self-responsibility, co-operatives are becoming increasingly popular.  In Canada four out of ten people are members of some form of co-operative.

Organic Farming Guide

Organic farming refers to a form of agriculture production that avoids the use of synthetic chemicals, hormones, and GMO's (genetically modified organisms). Organic farming aims to produce crops with a high nutritional content, while preserving the fertility and sustainability of farmland. Organic farming relies on methods such as crop rotation, composting, natural pest control, and mechanical soil cultivation.

Wine Guide

The wine industry is a fast growing and highly competitive industry that encompasses a wide range of activities. These include: operating a full fledged winery, growing grapes, running a wine specialty shop or a u-bottle facility, or offering wine marketing services.