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Bicycle Business Guide

Bicycling is a very popular activity in British Columbia. The bicycle business is a diverse industry, and includes activities such as bicycle retailing and repair, and the manufacturing of bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories.

Martial Arts School Guide

Martial arts originated in the ancient cultures of Asia, and encompass a broad range of activities that include fighting techniques, self-defense skills, physical exercises, and mental discipline. Martial arts schools are popular today with individuals who seek the many benefits of martial arts training - vigorous exercise, spiritual growth, self-defense, and athletic competition.

Personal Coaching Guide

Coaching is a profession that helps individuals improve their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. While some coaches are generalists, most work in a particular specialty area. For example, life coaches focus on helping clients define personal objectives and set goals, whereas business coaches focus on the success of an individual's business activities.

Personal Trainer Guide

Personal fitness trainers work with clients to improve their physical strength, conditioning and general well-being. Trainers may provide one-on-one training or larger group sessions, and will often tailor their services to meet the needs of their clients. Personal training services might be offered in-house by larger fitness centres, or at any location of convenience to both client and trainer.

Yoga Studio Guide

There are many variations of yoga, all combining a variety of physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines. Over the last few decades, Yoga has become very popular in Western culture, with new studios opening up in all major urban centers. With growing popularity and space, yoga studios can even offer unique fitness services and classes, such as corporate yoga or ballet barre fitness.