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Freelance Writing Guide

Freelance writing and editing is a service industry that serves a wide range of customers. This can include corporations that need reports, magazines paying for content and individuals buying stories directly from an author. This guide introduces many resources that will help you explore this broad industry, identify competitors and find your unique market. 

Green - Eco Guide

A recent Nielsen survey found that 42%  of North America consumers are willing to pay more for green products and services. This is a major need that presents many growth opportunities for businesses to fill. This guide will introduce you to the best online and library resources on environmentally sound business practices. This Accelerator Guide will also give you the information you need to start or grow your green / eco business.

Mobile applications or “apps” are created for smartphones such as iPhones and Android. One thing to consider is which operating system you will be creating apps for. Depending on the audience or market you are trying to reach, you may develop for one or both. This Accelerator Guide is multi-disciplinary as developing mobile apps can include software engineering, content writing or marketing. The research here can help you develop, code, and get your app into distribution.