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Home-Based Business Guide

Dream of starting your own business from home? For many aspiring entrepreneurs, opening up a separate 'store' does not fit well within personal, financial and time commitments, instead operating a business from a home office is preferred. Many business models work well from a home office: accounting - bookkeeping, daycare services, freelance writing, online retailing or many other businesses can easily be transitioned from bricks and mortar to your own personal living/working space. Depending on your business / industry, you will likely want to review this guide in addition to another industry-specific guide that meets your needs.

Tutoring Guide

Tutors provide private or group instruction in a specific elementary or secondary school subject, or in a specific skill. Tutors are most often hired by students, parents, or by a tutoring agency. Tutoring can be conducted in-home, at tutoring centres, or increasingly online.

Music Teaching Guide

Music teachers provide private or group instruction in playing a specific musical instrument, musical composition, or in music theory and harmony. Private music teachers are most often hired by music students, parents, or by a music school. The Music Teaching Business Accelerator Guide will introduce you to the best online and library resources that focus on both music instruction and music stores.

Bicycle Business Guide

Bicycling is a very popular activity in British Columbia. The bicycle business is a diverse industry, and includes activities such as bicycle retailing and repair, and the manufacturing of bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories. The Bicycle Business Accelerator Guide will introduce you to online and library resources and research tools, that focus on the bicycle industry. This Accelerator Guide will give you the information you need to start or expand your bicycle or bicycling-related business.

Fishing and Hunting Guide

Fishing and Hunting for self-employment has a long and rich tradition in British Columbia. For business owners operating in these industries, fishing and or hunting are more than a job - it's a way of life. The Fishing industry includes many business models (such as commercial fisheries, deepwater fishing, etc.) and often incorporates elements of tourism. Likewise, hunting (and trapping) businesses are often associated with travel and tourism, and may operate alongside a lodge or wilderness retreat. In this Accelerator Guide you will find general industry information, as well as information on competitors, business regulations, and business planning resources for starting a fishing or hunting business.

British Columbia features many major ocean ports, lakes and other bodies of water, and is the perfect market for marine / boating businesses to thrive. This guide covers several of the primary marine related industries, including: shipping (transport), tugboats, yachts, passenger transportation, ship / boat building, and boat sales. The Marine Business Accelerator Guide is a collection of the best boating-related resources, in one convenient location. This Accelerator Guide will provide you with information to help you start, market and grow your Marine business.

Performing Arts Guide

Performing Arts contribute to both the cultural and economic landscape of Canada. There are many forms of expression within the performing arts, including but not limited to: dance, theatre, music and other forms of media. Businesses in this industry may be run for profit (such as a training studio or theatre company) or as a nonprofit association. This guide looks at the business side of performing arts and predominantly focuses on theatre and dance resources.

Telecommunications business is one of the fastest growing sectors in the modern economy. Businesses within this sector provide a variety of products and services: high speed internet, cable/DSL, cellular / landline phone service, and a host of other telecom solutions. There are many opportunities for retail businesses to thrive within the telecom industry as well. The Telecom / Wireless Business Accelerator Guide will introduce you to online and library resources and research tools that focus on the telecommunications industry in Canada and around the world. This Accelerator Guide will give you the information you need to start and run a successful telecom / wireless business.

Carpentry Guide

Carpentry involves many tasks such as measuring, sawing and leveling wood and other building materials, framing houses and other structures, crafting and assembling cabinetry, doing finish work, as well as custom woodworking. Carpenters work on a variety residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The Carpentry Business Accelerator Guide will introduce you to online and library resources and research tools, that focus on the carpentry and construction industries. This Accelerator Guide will assist you with starting or expanding your carpentry business.

Wholesale Guide

Buy big, sell big, think big - that's the guiding idea behind wholesaling for profit. Wholesale businesses are involved in trade, often international, of either durable or non durable goods of all sorts. A wholesale business might specialize in a particular product (such as books or shoes) or offer a variety of bulk products in a large retail environment, sometimes called mass merchandising.