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Published: May 13, 2016
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2019
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The Expensive World Of Business Information

Believe it or not, you cannot find everything in Google! Have you ever done an online search and found the perfect industry report only to find that it costs over 5K? Did you know that libraries pay for many expensive databases that could be helpful in your secondary market research? Search engines like Google can only provide direct access to freely available information. Most of the web, including business information, lives in databases behind expensive paywalls. This paywall protected section of the internet is known as the deep web. Fortunately, some libraries pay to subscribe to databases so they can provide free access to their patrons - and many business databases can contain useful information such as articles, market research, and company reports.

There are several strategies you can use to access relevant business information on the deep web. First, we urge you to look up what business resources your local public or academic library can provide access to. Each database has its own arrangement, with unique interfaces and search features. It helps to know the structure and search terms of the specific database you are working with in order to retrieve effective results. Also, it is important to know that library databases are restricted by specific usage agreements. It can help to consult with a librarian if you have trouble navigating a specific database. They may also be able to help you find comparable information elsewhere. Libraries with robust business collections might also have useful e-books, directories and trade journals. As you conduct your secondary market research you will likely need to consult both free and deep web resources.

For more information about how and why to use business databases, check out our video tutorial, Module Four: Conducting Your Industry Research.

Business Resources at Academic Libraries 

Colleges and Universities with business programs will have useful business collections you may be able to get access to through their academic library. Often these academic libraries can provide the general public with access to their collections, which include electronic resources like databases and e-books. For example, they could have alumni or community cards, and can provide temporary "guest" passes in certain situations. Contact your local college or university library to see what they can provide. Please note: you probably will not get access to their electronic resources with remote access.

Databases For Industry Research

Tips: Try searching for "handicrafts" or "crafts" and terms like trends or research or statistics to narrow your search.

Art Full Text

Indexes Art, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning journals. Reproductions of works of art appearing in periodicals are also indexed. . UBC Affiliates and in-person library visitors can learn more and access this database. Otherwise, contact your local library to see if they provide access.

  • Sculle, K. A. (2014). Native America in Style. Road Notes, 22(2), 3.

The article offers information on the Chief Oshkosh Native American Arts retail store located at Egg Harbor on State Highway 42 in Wisconsin.

  • Grant, D. (2016). Leverage Your Livelihood. Handmade Business, 42(483), 30-33.

"The article focuses on the five entrepreneurial endeavors that are effective. It cites the endeavors which include being an extrovert in an introvert field, reviving up one's online presence, and having a blog. The need to team up with outside groups such as habitat for humanity, optimists clubs, and local chamber of commerce is cited."

Business Source Complete/Business Source Premier

Includes financial data, books, videos, company profiles, SWOT analyses, industry profiles, country reports, market research reports and case studies.  Also includes information on industry trends, forecasts, outlooks, competitors, how to run a specific business and much more. UBC Affiliates and in-person library visitors can learn more and access this database. Otherwise, contact your local library to see if they provide access.

  • Elliot, E. A. (2016). Craft consumption and consumer transformation in a transmodern era. Journal Of Business Research, 69(1), 18-24

"This study investigates how craft consumption illuminates consumer self-transformation. Craft consumption refers to activities in which consumers personalize their products by designing and making what they consume themselves (Campbell, 2005)."

  • O'Neill, M. (2014). The Fairly Conscious. Giftware News, 38(10), 93-98.

"The article talks about the growing appeal of Fair Trade crafted goods. Topics include Jenna Larson, Public Relations Manager of Fair Trade USA non-profit organization, Fair Trade USA's standards for and certifying Fair Trade products and other similar organizations like Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization, and the benefits of patronizing Fair Trade."

  • To Etsy, or not to Etsy?. (2014). Inc, 36(9), 43.

"The article discusses the pros and cons for handcraft businesses that are selling their products on the Internet through a third-party website and mentions topics including exposure to customers offered by third-party sites and commissions being charged by such sites on sales."

UBC Library Business Databases

How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you may have access to business databases through the David Lam Management Research Library and Canaccord Learning Commons through the links below.

Full Listing By Title or Full Listing By Subject

There are two different ways to identify databases, use 'by title' if you already know the name. Otherwise, you can use the list 'by subject' to find starting places for doing market research, finding articles or researching companies. To learn more about how you can access library resources if you are a community user or temporary visitor check out the UBC Library Community Users & Visitors Guide. Community users and temporary visitors may have additional access restrictions to specific databases because of license agreements.

Provincial Library Database Partners

How to access:Check out the database list and note the License Participants to find out which institutions have access. Otherwise, contact your local post-secondary library to see what they offer.

BC Electronic Library Network (ELN) Research Databases

ELN licenses databases with partner academic libraries. These include LexisNexis, Canadian Newsstream, Hoovers, CBCA Business, ABI/INFORM Complete and others that may be of interest to business researchers.

First Research Industry Profiles

How to access: If you are UBC student, staff, or faculty you can access many of these reports through ABI/INFORM and/or Business Market Research Collection (Proquest).

Covers over 900 industry segments. Updated on a quarterly basis, these industry profiles contain critical analysis, statistics and forecasts to help you engage key prospects, coach key clients, and deepen customer relationships. You can search for reports by NAICS, SIC or keyword or browse by category.

IBISWorld Industry Reports

How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you can access this resource.

IBISWorld research is an independent, professional publisher of high-quality market research reports. These reports analyze the underlying structure and external forces that drive an industry.

Newspapers and News Sources - UBC Library Research Guide

How to access: The guide can be viewed through the link below. Individual resources and databases will have different access requirements.

UBC Library has an excellent collection of current and historical newspapers from B.C., Canada, and around the world. UBC affiliates will have access to these resources.