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Published: Apr 19, 2011
Last Updated: Aug 7, 2018
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Informal Information Sources to Help You Stay Current 

In this section we have gathered some of the most popular peer-to-peer information sources, such as blogs, discussion forums and other social media resources. Industry information is always changing - for the latest news, current issues and popular opinions - try following one or more of these sources. In addition, blogs and forums usually give you the opportunity to join the conversation, either by posting comments, questions or opinions of your own. 

Auto Sales Blogs:

Car Sales Blog - Car Sales Professional
Tips and advice for those in the automotive sales industry.

Start here: Reading Customers is the Key to Selling Cars Blog
Best practices and tips from industry leaders.

Auto Sales Discussion Forums: 
Forums for dealers, vendors, and other auto industry insiders. Offers specific forums based on car make and model. is a forum dedicated to professionals that work in the Retail Automotive Industry