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Published: Apr 26, 2011
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016
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Informal Information Sources to Help You Stay Current 

In this section we have gathered some of the most popular peer-to-peer information sources, such as blogs, discussion forums and other social media resources. Industry information is always changing - for the latest news, current issues and popular opinions - try following one or more of these sources. In addition, blogs and forums usually give you the opportunity to join the conversation, either by posting comments, questions or opinions of your own. 

Clothing Retailer Blogs:

Branding the Man
This blog is written by Bertrand Pellegrin, author of Branding the Man: Why Men Are the Next Frontier in Fashion Retail. Focused on men's fashion and retail trends.

Start here: All Aboard the Manwagon: More Brands Leap into Men’s Retail