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Published: Mar 24, 2016
Last Updated: May 13, 2016
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In this section we have gathered some of the most popular information sources, such as news, blogs, discussion forums and other informal resources. Industry information is always changing - for the latest news, current issues and popular opinions - try following one or more of these sources. In addition, news, blogs and forums usually give you the opportunity to join the conversation, either by posting comments, questions or opinions of your own. 


Green Business

A news and information resource about global green business. Includes articles on current green business news and steps to starting a green business.

"One of our goals here at Green Business is to offer ideas to our readers to help them start their own green business.  Another excellent example of a green business is a green janitorial service, maybe even cleaning LEED certified buildings."


This blog covers news on a wide range of eco-business stories from around the world. It features a diverse range of content written by business and environmental experts from a number of fields.

"Along with the global growth of the industry, eco-tourism has also been soaring in popularity. In a study of the travel industry last year, consulting firm Deloitte found that the number of travellers who are aware of the sustainable travel issues and the willingness of these travellers to spend on environmentally-friendly travel have increased by a third in the last decade."

Green Business Network

This blog covers news on green businesses in the United States. It also hosts forums and discussions for its members.

News Sources

A free news database that is searchable by company name, keyword, or industry sector.

Links to local and international news source websites. Provides access to both current and archived news stories, which allows you to track trends over time.

YAHOO! Finance Canada
Excellent source for current Canadian business news. The website also features an extensive business news archive section.

Newspapers and News Sources - UBC Library Research Guide

How to access: The guide can be viewed through the link below. Individual resources and databases will have different access requirements.

UBC Library has an excellent collection of current and historical newspapers from B.C., Canada, and around the world. UBC affiliates will have access to these resources.