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Animal production encompasses a wide range of activities, including livestock farming, poultry farming, aquaculture, beekeeping, as well as raising exotic species. While the three traditional main areas of animal production include red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy, animal production businesses are expanding into new markets, such as organic and/or specialty foods and animal products. The Animal Production Accelerator Guide is a comprehensive collection of animal production related resources in one convenient location. In this Accelerator Guide you will find general industry information, as well as information on competitors, business regulations, and business planning resources for starting an animal production business.

Personal Coaching Guide

Coaching is a profession that helps individuals improve their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. While some coaches are generalists, most work in a particular specialty area. For example, life coaches focus on helping clients define personal objectives and set goals, whereas business coaches focus on the success of an individual's business activities. This Accelerator Guide will provide you with valuable information for starting your own personal coaching business.

Filmmaking Guide

The Filmmaking Business Accelerator Guide is a comprehensive collection of film industry related resources in one convenient location. You can information specific to screenwriting and production as well as marketing and distribution. The guide focuses on movie making rather than television or music video production.

Fashion Design Guide

Fashion design is the applied art of creating clothing and lifestyle accessories. Apparel manufacturing includes businesses that are engaged in manufacturing clothing using a variety of different techniques. The Fashion Design / Apparel Manufacturing Business Accelerator Guide is a collection of the best fashion and apparel industry-related resources, in one convenient location. The Accelerator Guide will provide you with information to help you start your fashion design or apparel manufacturing business.

Alternative Energy Guide

Alternative Energy is one of the fastest growing segments of the 21st century economy. Within the industry, many new businesses are emerging as providers of solar, biomass, wind and other clean power sources. Thinking of jumping into the clean energy economy - or planning to incorporate alternative energy sources into your business? If so - The Alternative Energy Business Accelerator Guide is a collection of the best energy and utility-related resources, in one convenient location. This Accelerator Guide will provide you with information to help you start, market and grow your alternative energy business.

Jewellery Design Guide

Jewellery designers create, craft or fabricate items of jewellery. Jewellery designers are often goldsmiths, silversmiths, or metalworkers, but can also work with a variety of other materials. Jewellery designers often work with distributors and retail store owners  to get their jewellery to consumers. 

Bakeries are establishments that produce and/or sell quality baked goods such as bread, cookies, cakes and other products. Bakeries usually sell freshly made products, and may also provide customers with an eating area for immediate consumption. Other bakeries may instead focus on the production of large quantities of baked goods, for sale to other wholesalers or intermediaries, and may have minimal retail operations.

Doulas offer emotional, physical and psychological support to women during and after a pregnancy. Most doulas are self-employed, usually available for hire by the hour, or for a set fee. Doulas require a high level of patience, understanding and compassion towards their clients, and often build a successful business through positive referrals and word of mouth. The Doula Business Accelerator Guide is a collection of the best birth support related information resources, to assist you with starting or expanding a doula business.

Real Estate Guide

The real estate industry in British Columbia is a busy place. On any given day, millions of dollars worth of real estate are purchased, sold or otherwise transferred from one party to another, usually through the services of a real estate agent or another intermediary. If you are an aspiring realtor, an experienced realtor planning to open your own agency, or just interested in learning more about the provincial real estate business landscape, the collection of information resources in this Real Estate Business Accelerator Guide can get you started and assist you along the way.

"In B.C., the words 'non-profit' and 'not-for-profit' are often used to distinguish organizations that exist primarily to advance socially desirable outcomes, from business corporations which exist to generate monetary profit. Non-profits are usually incorporated societies, and often also registered charities." -  BC Centre for Non-Profit Development

The Nonprofit Accelerator Guide will introduce you to online and library resources and research tools, that focus on the the nonprofit industry. This Accelerator Guide will give you the information you need to start and run a successful nonprofit in British Columbia.