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Published: Sep 22, 2017
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2019
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In this section we have gathered some of the most popular information sources, such as trade journals, magazines, blogs, and association websites. Industry information is always changing. For the latest news, current issues and popular opinions, try following one or more of these sources. In addition, interacting with the websites that provide this information through commenting and asking questions may also provide you with more information.


Trade associations often publish free industry newsletters that are excellent sources of information for your business plan. Such newsletters often have articles that cover in-depth topics on business management, manufacturing practices, how-tos, and current industry news.

HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector | Human resources in the nonprofit sector in Canada.

Imagine Canada | Imagine Canada is a national charitable organization whose cause is Canada’s charities and nonprofits. Their nonprofit Library is a great website to assist with the planning and implementation of a nonprofit organization. Start here: Non-profit Newswire from Imagine Canada

Social Enterprise Council of Canada (Enterprising Non-Profits) | The Social Enterprise Council of Canada (SECC) is an alliance of social enterprise leaders who leverage their networks, knowledge and experience in order to build a strong and enabling environment for social enterprise.

Foundation Center | The Foundation Center is a national (US) nonprofit service organization for organized philanthropy. They aim to  connect nonprofits and the grantmakers supporting them to tools and information they can use.

National Council of Nonprofits | This US nonprofit network does advocacy and provides an extensive collection of resources for non-profits, also helpful for Canadian based organizations. Start here: Nonprofit Knowledge Matters Archive

Canadian Community Economic Development Network | CCEDNet is a national member-led organization committed to strengthening Canadian communities by creating economic opportunities that enhance social and environmental conditions.

Magazines & Trade Journals

Trade journals (often called magazines or trade publications) can be very useful in helping you find current articles relating to business research. Contact your local research library to determine which trade journal subscriptions they have. There are also free trade publications that you can access online. 

The Philanthropist | Quarterly journal focused on the Canadian philanthropic sector.

Village Vibes | A online newsletter put out by This resource features how-to articles, tips for nonprofits, sector trends, funding sources and much more.

Nonprofit Management & Leadership | A quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes quality scholarship on all aspects of management and leadership important to nonprofit organizations and leaders.

Nonprofit World Magazine | Nonprofit World is a bi-monthly magazine - published since 1983 - that provides nonprofit leaders with concise and practical articles whose advice can be easily implemented.

The Nonprofit Times | As The Leading Business Publication for Nonprofit Management, The NonProfit Times, published 24 times a year, will provide you with useful information on the business of managing your nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit Quarterly | Publishes articles on issues that are affecting the non-profit sector. Has been around since 1999 and is based out of Boston, MA.


Charity Village | Charity Village contains regularly updated information for News, Human Resources, Management, Communications, Fundraising, Giving, Volunteer Engagement, and Special Reports pertaining to the nonprofit sector.

Social Velocity | Social Velocity has great analysis of nonprofit obstacles and tips for how organizations can change for the better.

Beth's Blog | Beth Kanter is a well-established international nonprofit thought leader. Beth has over 35 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, and capacity building and has facilitated trainings for nonprofits on every continent in the world (except Antarctica). She’s great at sharing her knowledge from the nonprofit sector in easy-to-read, often bite-sized, articles!

NonProfit Pro | NonProfit PRO is the go-to source for nonprofit management and strategy. Developed for thought leaders and innovators, we cover topics ranging from internal issues such human resources, board and volunteer management to technology to tax and legal matters, news and, of course, raising funds.

Wild Apricot Blog | The Wild Apricot blog is about technology for non-profit organizations: how to do more with less; Usability issues; how to properly select and implement technology; and general non-profit industry information.

Consultant Websites

MarketWatch - Industry Analyzer
The Industries section contains current data on Dow Jones Industry Sectors. Aggregate data as well as company-specific data is available.

Vault Industry Profiles
A free source of industry information. Use the Industry Profiles to research news, company information, and industry-specific sample professions. Basic monthly membership is free and offers access to blogs, discussion forums, and job listings.

Social Enterprise Council of Canada
Social Enterprises Council of Canada is a national non-profit member based organization dedicated to support the development and growth of social enterprises across Canada. They run a national conference, and offer a suite of resources useful to social enterprises. They also are connected to individuals and groups across the country with a similar mission.

  • Check out Social Enterprise Council of Canada Community Links page for resources.

Charity Village
Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector.

Imagine Canada
This a must-use portal into all resources needed for non-profits, offering research insights and strategic advice for non-profits in Canada.

This site gives advice on starting a career in a variety of industries.

As with all sources, news articles and blogs should be carefully evaluated. For information on how to evaluate your information, watch video tutorial Module Five: Using Information Responsibly.