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Published: Jul 15, 2016
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016
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Need Inspiration? Pick Up A Book!

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Need Inspiration?

This section will introduce several "how-to" books on business to help you get started with your research. These books will primarily introduce you to business plan writing. These books will also introduce general business types such as retail and service business models.


  • Theater management.
  • Theater -- Production and direction.
  • Performing arts -- Management.
  • Performing arts -- Marketing.
  • Dance schools -- Management.
  • Arts fund raising.
  • Small business.

Google Books 
Google Books is a search feature offered by Google. As of October 2019 Google estimates it enables users to search the full text of more than 40 million books that have been scanned and stored in its digital database. It also offers previews of books that are currently still in print.

A global catalogue of library collections from various libraries around the world. You can search for books on business planning, new enterprises, start-ups, or your specific industry. You can search for all the locations with copies of a specific item, and then locate the item in a nearby library. In Worldcat, you can also view research articles and other digital content directly online.

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Illume Online / BC Union Catalogue
A search portal to BC's post-secondary and public library collections so you can search for books, media, and serials at one time.