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Published: Jul 15, 2016
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2019
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Both market size and market share held by competitors are key factors when assessing the competitive environment. Keep in mind that there is no single source of market size and market share data. Market information is usually pieced together from various sources and is not often readily available for niche or emerging industries. One strategy is to combine a competitor's name or a comparable, established industry with the term market share in article databases or read market research reports. You will need to identify and describe your market – who your customers are and what the demand is for your products and services.

Library Resources

Access to the following sources may be available through your local public or academic library. For information on how to obtain a library card, and for additional information on using libraries in BC, please visit our Getting Access to Library Resources page.

ABI/INFORM Collection

How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you can access this resource.

Created by ProQuest this database contains full-text articles from over 1,000 business magazines and journals that track business conditions, trends, management techniques, corporate strategies, and industry-specific topics.

  • Ghazzawi, I. A., Martinelli-Lee, T., & Palladini, M. (2014). Cirque du Soleil: An innovative culture of entertainment. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies 20(5).

"Despite early financial hardships, Cirque du Soleil (French for Circus of the Sun) has remained one of the most successful theatrical producers in the history of the entertainment industry. What started as a troupe of street performers in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada named Les Echassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul (French for the Wading Birds of Baie-Saint-Paul) has grown into a global entertainment business whose performances have been seen by over 100 million spectators in nearly 300 cities worldwide (Cirque du Soleil, 2013; Hoovers, 2013). In less than 30 years, the company had over 5,000 employees worldwide."

  • Theatres are acting locally and streaming globally. (2016, Jan 04). The Economist (Online).

"While celebrity casting is attracting a new theatre audience, the innovation of live-streaming (screening productions in real-time to cinemas) is spreading the reach of local productions across the world. An insider who has been working there for seven seasons believes live-streaming has been too successful. Because it is profitable and attracting a new audience, shows are now designed with streaming rather than stage in mind."

Business Source Ultimate

How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you can access this resource. Otherwise, contact your local library to see if they provide access.

Includes financial data, books, videos, company profiles, SWOT analyses, industry profiles, country reports, market research reports and case studies.  Also includes information on industry trends, forecasts, outlooks, competitors, how to run a specific business and much more.

  • AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (2014). AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile, 1-28.

"AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMCE or "the company") is a holding company involved in theatrical exhibition business. The company operates through AMC Entertainment (AMC), American Multi-Cinema and its subsidiaries. The company operates in the US, Canada and Europe. It is headquartered in Leawood, Kansas and employed about 20,600 people as of December 31, 2013. *The company recorded revenues of $2,749.4 million during the financial year ended December 2013 (FY2013)."

  • Maughan, S. (2015). L.A. Theatre Works at 40. Publishers Weekly, 262(15), 23.

The article profiles the L.A. Theatre Works (LATW). Topics discussed include the history of the theater company, the events and people who influenced founder Susan Loewenberg's decision to establish the company and the best-selling sound recordings in the L.A. Theatre Works Audio Collection of recorded plays.

  • Bennett, R. (2014). How small charities formulate marketing responses to major reductions in incomeA study of nonprofit contemporary dance companies. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 17(1), 58-76.

The purpose of the study was to examine how heads of small charitable performing arts organisations who did not possess backgrounds or qualifications in marketing interpreted the implications, for future marketing activities, of significant cuts in government funding and how their views on the value of marketing changed consequent to the cuts.


How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you can access this resource. Or, contact your local public or academic library for their access details.

Global market research and trend analysis database that focuses on Internet, e-business, online marketing, media, and emerging technologies.

UBC Library Business Databases

How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you may have access to business databases through the David Lam Management Research Library and Canaccord Learning Commons through the links below.

Full Listing By Title or Full Listing By Subject

There are two different ways to identify databases, use 'by title' if you already know the name. Otherwise, you can use the list 'by subject' to find starting places for doing market research, finding articles or researching companies. To learn more about how you can access library resources if you are a community user or temporary visitor check out the UBC Library Community Users & Visitors Guide. Community users and temporary visitors may have additional access restrictions to specific databases because of license agreements.

IBISWorld Industry Reports

How to access: If you are a UBC student, staff, faculty or in-person library visitor you can access this resource.

IBISWorld research is an independent, professional publisher of high-quality market research reports. These reports analyze the underlying structure and external forces that drive an industry.

Try Primary Research

The main point of this guide is to introduce you to a wide range of secondary market research resources but keep in mind there is great value in analyzing other information including:

  • Advertising, blogs and sales brochures
  • Your personal network and employees
  • Direct observation and interviews