Image and Cosmetic Services

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Cosmetics Manufacturing Guide

Cosmetics are products that are applied to enhance the appearance of skin, hair, nails, lips and eyes. Cosmetic businesses typically manufacture a line of cosmetic products, and sell these products through distribution to retail outlets, or directly to consumers.

Hair and Beauty Salon Guide

Hair and Beauty Salons offer a wide range of services to clients such as haircuts, colouring, styling, perms and much more. While some establishments focus on particular needs (hair / nails / facial), others provide clients with all of these services in one location. Many hair care or beauty professionals find that being self-employed is a comfortable fit for their career and decide to work from home, rent a chair or open their own salon.

Tattoo - Piercing Guide

Tattoo / Piercing parlours are establishments that provide a variety of permanent and semi-permanent body art services. Most owners of tattoo shops are tattooists themselves - or tattoo enthusiasts with a passion for the art. Tattoo / Piercing parlours in BC must follow hygienic regulations and requirements, such as the Guidelines for Personal Service Establishments, to ensure a healthy and safe experience for their customers.