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Alternative Energy Guide

Alternative Energy is one of the fastest growing segments of the 21st century economy. Within the industry, many new businesses are emerging as providers of solar, biomass, wind and other clean power sources. Businesses within this space are not just producers of alternative modes of energy but can include categories including solar panel installations and repairs, bio fuel consultants, alternative energy powered heating systems, researchers, trainers and financial consultants. The industry within it houses a wide variety of skill usage and therefore opportunities for small businesses.

Aquaculture Guide

Aquaculture is thriving in BC and around the world, and is actually the fastest growing food production activity in the world. Whether running an organic salmon farm or focusing on shellfish,aqua culture is a significant industry in British Columbia. Business opportunities exist at multiple levels of the value chain which include production, processing, distribution and sales.

Fishing and Hunting Guide

Fishing and Hunting for self-employment has a long and rich tradition in British Columbia. For business owners operating in these industries, fishing and or hunting are more than a job - it's a way of life. The fishing industry includes many business models (such as commercial fisheries, deepwater fishing, etc.) and often incorporates elements of tourism. Likewise, hunting (and trapping) businesses are often associated with travel and tourism, and may operate alongside a lodge or wilderness retreat.

Green - Eco Guide

The importance of green business practices and the profitability of sustainable / eco-friendly companies is on the rise. Many Canadian consumers are willing to pay a premium for 'green products', and are on the lookout for new products and services to fit their lifestyles. Consumer are interested both in products that are made using sustainable practices as well as services that allow that can allow business or home to be more environmentally conscious.

Landscaping Guide

Landscaping refers to any activity that improves the look of land, such as planting trees, gardening, leveling, grading and grounds maintenance. Landscaping is an industry that includes activities such as landscape design, horticulture, landscape project planning, and construction. Landscape business owners require technical landscaping knowledge, along with strong interpersonal and business management skills.

Pest and Wildlife Control Guide

Pest and wildlife control businesses inspect residential and commercial buildings and properties for pest infestations. They spray various chemical treatments to eliminate insects and rodents, or set traps and cages to capture nuisance animals. In BC, consumers expect that pest and wildlife control services are safe, friendly, and reliable.

Recycling - Waste Management Guide

Recycling and Waste Management companies are in the business of collecting the discards of our consumer society. If you already own a vehicle capable of moving heavy loads, you're ready to start a small-scale junk removal business - with the right planning and business research. Many new opportunities and niches are available within the waste management industry.