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Accounting Guide

An accounting business is an establishment that provides professional services such as tax preparation, business financial documentation, audits and record keeping, usually through an in-person or virtual office setting. Customers of these services will range from individual persons to large corporations, depending on the size and focus of the company. Sometimes such services are offered by businesses as part of a larger offering of financial services such as financial advising, insurance options, estate planning etc. 

Cleaning Business Guide

Cleaning businesses provide professional services in cleaning households, residential or commercial buildings, offices or businesses. Cleaning business can typically be broken down further into smaller markets such as household and commercial cleaning or janitorial services, or specialized services such as window or carpet cleaning.

Consulting Guide

Consultants are experienced professionals that specialize in problem-solving and strategic planning. They are often called upon by clients to assist with researching and analyzing information, as well as coming up with strategic solutions to organizational problems.

Dry Cleaning/ Laundromat Guide

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process for clothing and other textiles that uses an organic solvent (typically perchloroethylene) and specialized equipment rather than water. Customers typically drop off clothing at a dry cleaning facility. In contrast, a laundromat is generally a self-service facility where coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available for individual use.

Event Planning Guide

Professional event planners assist their clients to plan and execute their conference, meeting, or other special event. They help their clients make decisions within their budget and do much of the behind-the-scenes work, such as assisting the client with decor choices.

Financial Advisor Guide

A financial advisor is a person offering a wide range of financial products and wealth management solutions. Most financial advisors work with a portfolio of clients who they meet with and send correspondence to on a regular basis. While most self-employed financial advisors are affiliated with a larger financial institution or fund company, taking the time to conduct your own business planning and research can go a long way towards building a successful career in this competitive industry. 

Freelance Writing Guide

Freelance writers are involved in all forms of writing, including essays, articles, scripts, books, speeches, opinion pieces, and corporate materials. Editors review and evaluate written material and to prepare it for publication. Freelance writers and editors offer their services to media and advertising companies, government agencies, small businesses, corporations, publishing firms, and other establishments.

Personal Concierge - Errand Service Guide

A personal concierge or errand service business provides clients with an array of services such as planning and running parties, organizing homes, managing estates, and personal shopping. A personal concierge can also be referred to as a personal assistant, residential concierge, or lifestyle manager.

Pet Services Guide

The pet industry is one of the fastest growing businesses, with Canadians spending nearly $3 billion annually on pet expenses including food, veterinary care, and supplies. The pet services industry includes businesses such as pet grooming, dog walking services, pet sitting, animal boarding and kenneling, and behavioral advice and training.

Wedding Planning Guide

Professional wedding planners assist their clients to plan and execute their big day. They help their clients make decisions within their budget and do much of the behind-the-scenes work, such as assisting the client with decor choices. They may help to plan every last detail of the wedding or they may have a scaled back role such as coordinating events on the day of the wedding.