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Carpentry Guide

Carpentry involves many tasks such as measuring, sawing and leveling wood and other building materials, framing houses and other structures, crafting and assembling cabinetry, doing finish work, as well as custom woodworking. Carpenters work on a variety residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Construction Guide

The Construction Industry is the sector of the Canadian economy engaged in preparation of land and construction, alteration, and repair of buildings, structures, and other real property.  Source: <>

Electrical Contractor Guide

An electrical contractor is a business person or firm that designs, installs, and maintains a wide variety of electrical systems. Electrical contractors often specialize in services targeted to either commercial or residential customers.

Home Inspection Guide

Home inspectors assess the condition of houses and buildings. They look for any defects or damage that could affect the value of a property. They then prepare a report of their findings to clients - home buyers, real estate agents, and property companies.

Home Staging Guide

Home staging is styling and furnishing property for sale to enhance the value to potential home buyers.

Interior Design Guide

Interior designers apply their creative skills to planning, decorating and furnishing interior environments. Interior designers often specialize in specific design disciplines such as residential, commercial, workplace, retail, and hospitality design.

Landscaping Guide

Landscaping refers to any activity that improves the look of land, such as planting trees, gardening, leveling, grading and grounds maintenance. Landscaping is an industry that includes activities such as landscape design, horticulture, landscape project planning, and construction. Landscape business owners require technical landscaping knowledge, along with strong interpersonal and business management skills.

Painting Guide

Painting contractors apply paint, wallpaper and other types of finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of houses, buildings and other structures. Painting contractors often specialize in either residential or commercial properties.

Pest and Wildlife Control Guide

Pest and wildlife control businesses inspect residential and commercial buildings and properties for pest infestations. They spray various chemical treatments to eliminate insects and rodents, or set traps and cages to capture nuisance animals. In BC, consumers expect that pest and wildlife control services are safe, friendly, and reliable.

Plumbing and Heating Guide

Plumbers install and repair pipes, fixtures and appliances used for the distribution of water, gas, or drainage in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Businesses specializing in plumbing & heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) may even manufacture, distribute, and sell related products, as well.

Real Estate Guide

The real estate industry in British Columbia is a busy place. On any given day, millions of dollars worth of real estate are purchased, sold or otherwise transferred from one party to another, usually through the services of a real estate agent or another intermediary. The real estate and housing market in BC is changing fast, so there is much to consider whether you are an aspiring realtor, an experienced realtor planning to open your own agency, or just interested in learning more about the provincial real estate business landscape.

Roofing Guide

A roofing contractor installs, repairs, and replaces various materials on roofs, including shingles, shakes, roofing tiles, or other materials. Roofing contractors often specialize in either the residential or commercial sector.