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Bicycle Business Guide

Bicycling is a very popular activity in British Columbia. The bicycle business is a diverse industry, and includes activities such as bicycle retailing and repair, and the manufacturing of bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories.

Clothing Retailer Guide

A clothing retailer is a business that sells clothing from a supplier directly to consumers.

Consumer Electronics Retail and Repair Services Guide

The consumer electronics industry, also known as home electronics and personal electronics, are devices sold to the end-user. Consumer electronics include electronic devices for personal entertainment such as television, smartphones, and gaming devices.

Fashion Design Guide

Fashion design is the applied art of creating clothing and lifestyle accessories. Apparel manufacturing includes businesses that are engaged in manufacturing clothing using a variety of different techniques and styles. Fashion designers also work with clients to help them create a wardrobe or a particular look for an event.

Florist Shop Guide

Florists are typically selling cut flowers, floral arrangements, ornamental plants and potted plants grown elsewhere. The floral trade involves activities such as flower care, flower arranging, floral design, merchandising, and often flower delivery.

Jewellery Design Guide

Jewellery designers create, craft or fabricate items of jewellery. Jewellery designers are often goldsmiths, silversmiths, or metalworkers, but can also work with a variety of other materials. Jewellery designers often work with distributors and retail store owners to get their jewellery to consumers. 

Online Retail Guide

Online retail refers to the purchase of goods over the internet. Some retailers may operate both brick and mortar stores as well as offering an online retail service. Online retail can also include the sale of goods via online auction houses, or through third party retail websites.

Pet Products Guide

The pet industry is one of the fastest growing businesses, with Canadians spending nearly $3 billion annually on pet expenses including food, veterinary care, and supplies. The pet products industry includes businesses that manufacture pet food and treats, pet clothing, pet housing, and pet toys and training accessories.

Specialty Foods Guide

Specialty foods are foods that are considered unique and of high-value. They are typically made in small quantities and with high-quality ingredients. This guide includes both the retailing and manufacturing of special foods.

Wholesale Guide

Buy big, sell big, think big - that's the guiding idea behind wholesaling for profit. Wholesale businesses are involved in trade, often international, of either durable or non durable goods of all sorts. A wholesale business might specialize in a particular product (such as books or shoes) or offer a variety of bulk products in a large retail environment, sometimes called mass merchandising.