including: writing business plans, sources for finding business plans, rationale for business planning, approaches to business development (e.g., business modelling)

Business Planning

Key Resources Highlight (Part 1 of 5): Business Plans

Sep 9, 2013

Sometimes, in business and in life, we get distracted from the big picture and focus too much on the details. This can be a challenge whether you are beginning or currently have a small business. With that in mind we decided to do a five part series highlighting some of the tools and resources found in our Key Resources section of the website. Each week will cover a new aspect of starting and running a business including business plans, marketing and legal assistance.

Librarians and Entrepreneurship

Aug 8, 2015

Long gone are the days when libraries were physical spaces to house tangible books, a place where noise is considered a taboo because libraries are a serious place for serious people – not for “hanging out."

Mentoring is a Must for Youth Entrepreneurs

Dec 12, 2015

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Planning for Success: Aboriginal Small Business Success Starts with a Business Plan

Jun 6, 2014

June marks a time in Canada to remember the contributions and assets of the Aboriginal community to Canada’s history, economy and enriching culture. As we approach National Aboriginal Day being officially observed Saturday, June 21st, we wanted to offer an overview of a distinct measure of success among our Aboriginal businesses – the business plan.

The newcomer’s introduction to starting a business in British Columbia

Feb 2, 2013

Starting a business can be a complicated process and is often different in different places. Newcomers or non-Canadians wishing to start a business in Canada have some extra considerations before getting started. In this blog post we will share some great resources and support services to help the entrepreneurial immigrant start a business in British Columbia. 

Trendspotting: Getting Ready for the Millennials

Jun 6, 2015

For businesses, it is important to know your target audience to understand their behavior and, to some extent, how they think. SBA has a Customer Analysis: Step-by-Step guide that you can use as your template. For this post we will feature