Business Basics


So you would like to own a small business, or you’re an entrepreneur who’s thought up the next great thing: what now?

In this section you’ll find curated resources that will help you with all aspects of starting and running a small business - from you initial research to creating marketing material. You will find information on how to evaluate your idea, tools to help you with planning your business, information about where you can start looking for capital to start or grow your business, tools and resources you can access for legal assistance, and management. The resources here are aimed at helping businesses from all industries. Make sure to explore the Industry Guides for information on industry-specific small business ideas. We have over 100 guides that will help you find detailed information to help you research your unique industry, competitors, and target markets.

We focus on recommending free or low cost tools, perfect for those just starting on their entrepreneurial ventures.

Note: The Small Business Accelerator at UBC is located in British Columbia, Canada. Resources and tools are geared towards Canadians and Canadian residents living in BC where such distinction is important.

Find New Resources

NounProject-TelevisionVideo Tutorials

Watch a series of videos to learn the basics of researching industries.

NounProject-cogsThe Beginner's Guide to Business Research

Follow a step-by-step process for secondary market research. This section includes information on doing industry, competitive, and customer research.

Noun Project black and white eye iconEvaluating Your Business Idea

Evaluate your business idea using these suggestions for books, articles, and tools.

NounProject-BizPlanBusiness Plans

Tools to help you create your business plan. This section also has information and tools for the Lean Startup methodology.

Funding & Financing 

Overview of grant, funding, and financing opportunities for Canadian businesses.


Everything you need keep your business running smoothly.

Human Resources

Resources to help you overcome the challenges of being the boss.

Legal Assistance

A list of resources to help you find and work with a lawyer.


Selection of tools and templates to help you to create a marketing plan. The tools are divided into two sections: Digital Marketing and Graphic Design.