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Industry Overview: Bicycle Business 2022

Sep 9, 2022

This page presents an overview of the bicycle retail and repair industries in Canada and the US for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in them.

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Coworking Spaces are Entrepreneurial Incubators

Apr 4, 2022

Aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs often have a long list of questions about taking their ventures from idea to implementation, ranging from How do I write an appropriate business plan? to How can I secure funding for my website or storefront? Answering these requires time, space, and a dedicated environment in which to work and learn.

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Small Business Month: Climate Action and the Green Economy

Oct 10, 2021

How can we, as entrepreneurs, combat climate change while running a small business? Can our personal values, business models, and the need for climate action align? These offerings provide a plethora of perspectives, from trailblazers to trendspotters, for taking corporate social responsibility. They provide a model and ethos for how we can make change when we act together.