Every business should be equipped with a marketing strategy and it's unlikely that any two businesses would have the same one. The type of marketing that works for you will depend on your business objectives, your target customers, your resources, and so much more. The resources in this section will help you reach people and expand the way you look at marketing.

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Key Resources

  • - Principle of Marketing Tutorials

    The Principles of Marketing tutorials are like having access to an introduction to marketing textbook - online and for free! Each tutorial can be read on its own or in conjunction with the others and cover a wide variety of topics including extensive sections on promotion and marketing research though pricing and marketing management are good reads as well.


    A first-stop for learning about marketing, there are sections on how to write a marketing plan, sample marketing plans, and an extensive collection of articles that focus on the how-to aspects of marketing and public relations.

Marketing Plans

  • Small Business BC - How to Write a Marketing Plan

    This guide shows you how to develop a marketing plan that includes details like how you intend to meet your customers’ needs and communicate the benefits of your products or services to them. When making any decisions about market positioning, pricing, promotions, and sales, your customers should always be top of mind.

  • - How to Write a Marketing Plan

     The marketing plan guide put out by walks you through the process of creating a thorough detailed plan. The well laid out guide has sections and advice for almost every conceivable aspect of your marketing plan.


  • - Sample Marketing Plans

    Getting ready to create a marketing plan? Finding a sample plan for a similar company can be a great place to start. Mplans has a great selection of them.

  • - Sample Marketing Plan

    This detailed sample plan for a mobile games company shows what a complete marketing plan could look like and how far it goes with details and specifics.

Industry Articles

  • - Marketing

    Inc. has a lot of excellent small business resources and their section on Marketing is definitely worth checking out. The articles are informative and easy to read. Definitely take advantage of the search feature to find older articles on topics of interest to you.

  • Entrepreneur - Marketing

    Featuring sections on Marketing Basics, Sales, Online Marketing, Finding Customers, Social Media, and Branding, the online version on Entrepreneur Magazine is a treasure trove of marketing information. The articles cover classic marketing strategies and tips as well as explaining how new trends and tools could apply to your business's marketing plan.

  •  Advertising Age

    Use the advanced search feature to find worldwide news and marketing trends in your industry. You'll need a subscription ($79/year) for full access to the site. However, you can read some content for free, or find bibliographic information here and use a library database to access the article. Ask your librarian for help using Boolean operators in your search!

    Be sure to check out the white papers (sponsored content is free) and branded content for more resource guides.