Management & Human Resources

Good management and quality employees are key to any successful business. Use the tools on this page to help you improve your management skills and gain the information you need for all things HR.


Self-Assessment Tools


  • Work BC - Employer Resources
    This is a comprehensive portal created by Government of BC to support all your needs.
  • Human Resources Management
    Tools and information related to HR and Management from the Government of Canada.
  • Managing Your Business
    Articles from the Canada Business Network covering topics such as budgeting, protecting your business, hiring and training employees, and marketing and sales
  • Employers' Corner
    This webpage explains what obligations business owners have to their employees, including paying wages, complaint processes, and record-keeping obligations

  • WorkSafeBC
    WorkSafeBC's page for employers and small businesses, helping you learn about regulations and responsibilities related to occupational health and safety.

Human Resources