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"The Community Engagement Librarian (Business Services) was infinitely more useful to us than a prominent North American market research firm that took our money and delivered only the most cursory of reports. The SBA empowered us, something that we appreciate given that we are in turn trying empower filmmakers and viewers."
Leslie Marsh

mediAm digital distribution
Suite 400 - 601 West Broadway Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"The Small Business Accelerator website, with its in depth and thorough resources is an essential ingredient in the tools used by any business skills trainer or coach, in the delivery of their services to their clients.  As an instructor at Douglas College in the Self Employment Program, and a coach to my clients, I find I refer them constantly to this site for reference resources and particularly the “sample” lineup of plans. Often, to be able to read another example of what they are trying to achieve, gives them a better understanding the “entrepreneurial” mindset, they need to develop. This is invaluable. I also find that I peruse these resources for myself, to keep up to date on business trends, and for a greater in depth understanding of some business, for which I have not had personal ownership experience. The SBA Community represents a valuable exchange of expertise and referrals to entrepreneurs everywhere."  
Max Attwood

Self-Employment Instructor / Business Development Consultant
Abbotsford, British Columbia

"I have found that this website covers diverse BC markets more completely, and is better suited to teaching entrepreneurship, than most textbooks...and it is free."
David Mayes

Adjunct Faculty Member
Faculty of Management UBC Okanagan
Kelowna, BC

"The range of Accelerator Guides accessible to the BC community is incredible, but I  really appreciate the depth that each guide goes into. Every guide draws information from a large number of resources and in the true sense of a guide, leads the reader through all the steps necessary to build their business plan, understand the competitive market and make truly informed decisions about their business. Each guide also very organically connects readers to other resources so they can have a comprehensive knowledge of the environment they want to operate in."  
Jesse Xin

Sauder School of Business
Vancouver, BC

"I’ve been telling all my clients about it. Now, they can see all kinds of information—what the state of their industry is, what the market trends are—before they jump in with two feet. It’s a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs."
Lana Shepard

Business Analyst
Community Futures East Kootenay
110A Slater Road NW Cranbrook, BC V1C 5C8

"The focus on freely-available, local information for very specific types of businesses makes the Accelerator Guides invaluable for entrepreneurs. SBA is my most highly-recommended resource for up-and-coming BC entrepreneurs."
Chris Burns

Research Support & Data Services Librarian
Kwantlen Polytechnic Univercity
12666 72 Ave Surrey BC V3W2M8 Canada

"The Small Business Accelerator is a great tool for us. We send our clients to it as a starting point in their market research, and we use it ourselves to reference market research that our clients have sent to us. We also find it useful to keep up with industry trends and learn about events happening around BC."
Jolene Koch

Client Services
Women’s Enterprise Centre
Suite 201-1726 Dolphin Ave Kelowna, BC V1Y 9R9, Canada

"I am really impressed with the SBA so far. What it means to rural would-be entrepreneurs is that they'll have access to information that everybody takes for granted in large metropolitan areas. This is going to level the playing field quite a bit."  
Larry Jones

Senior Business Analyst
Community Futures 16/17
101 - 4734 Lazelle Avenue Terrace BC V8G 1T2

"Thanks so much, this is an awesome resource!  I have a BCOMM and have done some high tech business plans but I always struggle when I start.  These guides are great to get people started and keep them organized! Thanks again​!"
Janice Giroux

Calgary, Alberta