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Family Business & Succession Planning

Feb 2, 2017

With Family Day just around the corner, it’s time to talk “The Talk” with your kin. That’s right: we’re talking about family succession planning. Business owners want to see their businesses grow and succeed into the future. Yet, according to PwC Canada, only 18% of Canadian family businesses have a comprehensive succession plan.

Replacing You - Business Succession Planning

Nov 11, 2010

At some point we'd all like to retire - and when we do, it's good to know that someone will be there to keep the flame burning brightly for your business. A few weeks ago, Warren Buffet made news by announcing that he had picked his successor, to lead the Berkshire Hathaway empire he worked to build over his lifetime.

Self-employment and retirement trends in rural BC

Aug 8, 2012

In the recent report, A profile of self-employment in rural and small town Canada: Is there an impending retirement of self-employed business operators?, Statistics Canada describes self-employment in rural Canada and reveals which sectors are expected to experience high levels of retirement in the coming years. Here are a few of the highlights.  Please see the report for details.

Will it Last?

Nov 11, 2010

We've all heard the bad news: not every small business will succeed. If you listen to various news sources you've probably heard a number of discouraging statistics regarding the long term viability of small business operations. Ever wonder why?