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Celebrating YOU! Campaign Kickoff for Small Business Month 2014

Oct 10, 2014

October is here and marks the beginning of Small Business Month, where we celebrate the vitality that small businesses bring to the culture and economy of Canada. British Columbia is especially proud of their contributions to our province – in fact, in 2012 BC boasted the highest number of small businesses per capita.

Celebrating YOU!: mediAm digital distribution

Nov 11, 2014

To start off our Celebrating YOU! small business profile series, Leslie Marsh of mediAm shares the experience of the start-up process and mediAm's contributions to a sustainable film production industry. At mediAm, our mission is to foster the growth of all types of media production by engaging audiences in a new form of distribution. Learn more at

Celebrating YOU!: Vital Wellness Kitsilano

Nov 11, 2014

The Celebrating YOU! small business profile series continues with Vital Health Kitsilano's founder Heidi Henderson sharing her experiences with the start-up process. Vital Health is a bright, welcoming, state-of-the-art socially conscious integrated medical clinic and wellness centre in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver. Learn more at

COVID-19 & Business Research for British Columbia's Small Businesses

May 5, 2020

With the help of local BC business librarians, we have created a new page in our Business Basics section titled COVID-19 & Business Research to help you find credible business information during these uncertain and rapidly changing times. We have listed freely available public resources, as well as databases that may be licensed through local libraries, including here at UBC Library. You will find curated content on the following categories:

Creating an infographic: Behind the scenes at the SBA

Sep 9, 2012

This summer the SBA team decided to try a new information and marketing tactic - an infographic! It was an exciting project for us. We were brimming with enthusiasm. The only problem was we didn't really know where to begin! Luckily we had the help of Maria Trujillo and Michael Wong, at the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, who not only helped us with the design, but guided us through the process by asking some very important questions.

Events for Small Business Month 2013

Oct 10, 2013

Another year has passed and Small Business Month (also known as October) is here again! There's so much going on this month to celebrate our entrepreneurs and small businesses  that we wanted to a minute to highlight a few events you might want to check out.

Fundica Roadshow 2014

Mar 3, 2014

We are proud to support Fundica’s 2014 Funding Roadshow and think it is a great chance for entrepreneurs working on an innovative product to pitch their business seed/ideas to a panel of angels, VCs, banks, and government organizations. Entrepreneurs will individually pitch in a closed setting to funders in order to: • Receive candid feedback on their pitch and business model • Meet experts who provide one-on-one tips for their business • Follow-up with funders and potentially get funded

Get Inspired

Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year from everyone here at the SBA! The beginning of a new year is always a time of thoughtful reflection. It's also a time for setting goals. One of our new year's resolutions is to incorporate more inspiration and motivation into our lives. Below we've listed some of our favorite inspirational thoughts. Check out our new SBA Pinterest board for even more quotes to get you inspired for 2013.