COVID-19 & Business Research

COVID-19 & Business Research for British Columbia’s Small Businesses

Note: This is a work in progress and intended to be a starting place for Canadian, and specifically BC, businesses to gather information. Special thanks to the Academic Business Librarians of British Columbia, who have helped curate the information on this webpage. Check with your local library regarding access to subscription resources. 

1.0 Key Business Research Starting Places

  • CovidImpact
    An app, COVID-19 Business Care Package, created by UBC graduates that offers a "...small business care bundle that equips the founder with everything they need to immunize their business to COVID-19 and its after-effects."
  • Small Business BC Back To Business
    Whether your business is getting ready to reopen, or you’re pivoting operations to service the new COVID economy, you don’t need to face these challenges alone. Small Business BC is here to help with the tools and resources you need to weather these unprecedented times.