Getting Access to Library Resources in BC

Access To The Expensive World Of Information

Public, University and College (academic) libraries pay for access to many resources that are useful for your business research. Not only do libraries buy books, but they purchase trade journals, newspapers and proprietary databases that contain valuable industry information, SWOT analyses and much more. If your local public library doesn't have the particular item you need, they may be able to direct you to another way to get free access. Universities or colleges, especially those with business programs, have wonderful  libraries with rich collections that are often available for public use.

Use Your Public Library Card To Do Business Research

First, search for your local library on the Public Libraries Database. Once you have one card you can also set yourself up to borrow books from other libraries in your region. Check out the BC One Card for more information. Also, your public library card will give you access to certain library databases from home - or what librarians like to call "remote access".

Get Access To Your Local Academic Library Business Collection

Most academic libraries can provide the general public with access to their collections, which include electronic resources like databases and e-books. They also often have alumni or community cards, and can provide temporary "guest" passes in certain situations. Contact your local college or university library to see what they can provide. You probably won't get access to their electronic resources with remote access, but if you can make some time to visit their campus - you're set.

Check out our directory to find contact information for BC Public or Academic libraries.