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Advertising Agency Guide

Advertising (or Marketing) Agencies are staffed by 'for hire' creative professionals. Agencies develop a reputation for high quality content by leading or enhancing the marketing efforts of companies - small, medium or large - government bodies, non profit organizations or other private clients. Advertising success is driven by a combination of creative intellect and solid business planning. Advertisers work in multiple spaces including print, radio, TV, social media and billboards. Different content and technical skills are required depending on medium and client.

Computer Repair Guide

Computer repair businesses will offer a range of services including hardware upgrades, software updates, peripheral installation and other services that computer owners value - while others remain focused on particular areas of expertise. Some computer repair businesses offer mobile service for extra convenience, some operate out of a brick and mortar store, and many combine both forms of service.

Filmmaking Guide

Filmmaking involves both a creative as well as a business element. The process develops from an idea, funding, production, editing, marketing and distribution. We focus on business information related to independent video filming rather than working for an established broadcaster.

Graphic Design Guide

Graphic design involves using both graphics and text to convey a concept or idea. The graphic design industry includes many activities, including corporate identity/ branding, advertising, print production, and web design. Graphic designers create logos, posters, newsletters, brochures, signs, and other forms of visual communication.

High Technology Sector Guide

The high tech sector is an area of anticipated growth in British Columbia. It is an incredibly broad sector embracing both manufacturing and service industries. High tech manufacturing ranges from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to aerospace products and computer equipment. From the service perspective, the high tech sector encompasses software and video production, internet publishing and telecommunication as well as computer systems design and consulting activities.

Portrait Photography Guide

Portrait photography involves capturing the likeness of a person or persons using various photographic equipment, in either a photographic studio or at a specific location. In order to operate a successful portrait photography business, photographers need solid business management skills, along with experience behind the lens.

Video Games Guide

The video game industry is centered on developing, marketing, and monetizing video games. In Canada, the two most established sectors are Video Game Publishers (511212) and Video Game Design and Development Services (541515). Video game publishing is a subset of the Software Publishing industry (5112) and involves the production and distribution of computer video game software. It also involves the provision of support services to video game purchasers. Video game design and development is a subset of Computer Systems Design and Related Services (5415). It involves the custom designing of video games for specific users. However, it does not include video game publishing.

Video Production Guide

Video production involves the capture of moving images on various forms of electronic media. A video production business often specializes in a certain area of production, such as television commercials, corporate videos, event videos, or educational videos.

Web Design and Development Guide

Web design and development involves creating websites and other online tools for clients. Web design involves a combination of technical and design skills including graphic design, content creation, search engine optimization, and communications.