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Auto Dealership Guide

Auto dealers sell a variety of new and used vehicles - usually showcased on a sales lot. New car dealerships are often franchised businesses that focus on a particular manufacturer (Toyota, GM, Hyundai). Primarily used car dealers, however, generally keep an inventory of desirable cars and trucks, or may specialize in a particular make/model. 

Automobile Detailing Guide

An automobile detailing business involves cleaning, polishing, and overall enhancement of the appearance of automobiles and other vehicles. Detailing can include exterior treatments such as claying, polishing and waxing, and interior treatments such as vacuuming, leather and vinyl treatment, and stain and odour removal.

Charter Bus/ Limousine Service Guide

The transport industry covered in this guide includes for-hire services such as limousine, bus (charter or tour), taxi, and other shuttle services. Operating a transport business is a realistic option for many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those who enjoy driving, customer service, or have a background in tourism or hospitality.

Courier Guide

Couriers and messengers pick up and deliver messages, parcels, packages, mail, and other items between business establishments.

Import / Export Guide

An import business is defined as a business enterprise that brings commercial goods into Canada, whereas and export business ships commercial good to an international destination. International trade is a vast industry, and there are many types of import/export businesses. For example, an import/export merchant purchases goods directly from a domestic or foreign manufacturer, and then ships and resells the items.

Marine Business Guide

British Columbia features many major ocean ports, lakes and other bodies of water, and is the perfect market for marine / boating businesses to thrive. This guide covers several of the primary marine related industries, including: shipping (transport), tugboats, yachts, passenger transportation, ship / boat building, and boat sales.

Trucking Guide

Truck Driving business are establishments that provide local or long-distance transportation and logistics services. While many truck drivers work for large or medium sized transport companies, a growing number of drivers are choosing to own and operate their own independent trucking businesses. These small independent trucking companies often grow into larger companies after hiring additional drivers or purchasing new trucks.