2012: Hottest Industries for Entrepreneurs

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

Are you eager to start a business, but not sure which industry to tackle? You’re in luck!  Inc. Magazine has just released their annual list of the top industries for start-ups.

Inc. Magazine's list only includes industries that are easily accessible to entrepreneurs, meaning that any industry that requires additional education or training is not included regardless of how much growth the industry is currently experiencing. Please keep in mind the information presented here is based on US statistics.

According to Inc., the economy is growing making it a great time to launch a business in any one of these areas:

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Big Data

Everybody is talking about big data! Big data describes the industry developing sophisticated software tools to help businesses manage, capture and analyze large data sets. Check out Business Insider to learn more. Then take a look at the SBA High Technology Accelerator Guide to get started!

e-Commerce encompasses a broad range of goods and services all exchanged online. Find out how to get started in this industry with the Online Retail Business Accelerator Guide.

Environmental Consulting & Water Conservation
The demand for green products and services continues to grow.  Now is the time to launch that innovative eco-business you’ve been pondering. Begin your research with the SBA’s Green/Eco Business Accelerator Guide or the Consulting Business Accelerator Guide.

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The SBA has compiled all the resources you need to start your food services research in the Restaurant Business Accelerator Guide. Can’t stand to be tied down? How about developing a Street Food Vendor Business?

Internet Publishing & Broadcasting
Internet Publishing and Broadcasting refers to institutions and individuals who publish content such as videos, podcasts or written materials online. According to IBISWorld internet publishing and broadcasting is growing at a rate of 6.8% per year. SBA’s Freelance Writing Accelerator Guide offers some great starting points if you are interested in writing for the web.

IT Consultant
As an IT Consultant you will advise businesses on the software and technologies to best serve their information needs. Kick-start your research with the SBA Professional Services Business Accelerator Guide.

Mobile & Social Gaming
According to Inc., the mobile and social gaming industry is expected to grow dramatically in the next five years. Check out this article in the Calgary Herald for more on the mobile games industry. Start your research with the SBA Guide to Business Planning.

Pet Care
Does spending your work day with animals sound like fun? If so, starting a pet care business might be just the thing for you! This year consumers are spending more on their pets, making this an ideal time to start a pet grooming service. The Pet Services Business Accelerator Guide will ensure you get off on the right foot.

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Residential Construction

The maturing Gen-Y demographic is creating an increased demand for housing. Take a look at any of the guides in the SBA Construction and Real Estate category to learn more about this industry.

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management means coordinating the transportation of goods, services and information throughout the supply chain. It can range from offering a courier service to sourcing raw materials. If you’re interested in the transport industry the SBA Trucking Business Accelerator Guide and the Marine Business Guide are useful resources.

For more details please read the Inc. Magazine article: 11 Best Business Opportunities by Industry.

No matter what industry you are interested in, the SBA strives to provide our users to up-to-date and relevant business information resources. To learn more about how to start your small business visit our key resources page.


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