Goals and Activities

We all know that start-ups and small businesses are drivers of innovation and creativity in Canada. The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre's Small Business (SBA) library program is committed to making it easier for you to succeed by providing free access to high quality, online, business information that will enhance the efficiency and credibility of your business decisions.  We value working with community business support agencies and promoting their services and expertise – contributing to the cultural, social and economic dimensions of our diverse BC communities. 

Provide free access to current and trustworthy business information and secondary market research support for BC's small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Examples of our core activities

  • Maintain a collection of industry-specific business Guides that represent the diverse BC markets that will accelerate research and business development.
  • Simplify the utility of complicated online business resources by creating open educational resources.
  • Provide email and in-person secondary market research training and SBA website demos.
  • Offer targeted secondary market research workshops.

Support BC libraries in their work with local business communities.

Examples of our core activities

  • Increase access to library-licensed resources, including licensing the Gale Business Plan Handbook which increased access to over 2 million BC residents to this business planning resource.
  • Contribute to professional networks, including business and library events, conferences and publications.
  • Collaborate with BC libraries to serve the information needs of their diverse business communities.

Facilitate connections between business support providers, libraries, and entrepreneurs to support the success of our BC communities.

Examples of our core activities

  • Contribute to the online community and encourage website visitors and partners to collaborate by contributing valuable expertise, information, services, and new ideas.
  • Promote or participate in selected BC business events where we can connect in-person to partners, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Maintain a directory of business support and service providers from across BC to facilitate new connections between organizations.