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Green business

Eight Green Business Ideas

Apr 4, 2016

The world is clamouring for products and services that protect the environment. A recent Nielsen survey found that 42% of North American consumers are willing to pay more for green products and services. There are many ways that environmentally conscious businesses can tap into this demand.

Going Green: Small Steps for Your Business

Jan 1, 2013

There are lots of actions you can take, for little or no cost, that can save your small business money and be good for the environment too! We’ll start off with some small and simple changes that you can think about implementing today. 

Guest Post: Cut Overhead by Reducing Power Usage

May 5, 2013

Whether you work alone or have an office full of employees, monthly utility bills can comprise a significant portion of your company's expenditures. But just because your initial budget may have accounted for several hundred dollars a month (or far more) of electricity usage doesn't mean that you're obliged to keep up that quota. By chipping away at your monthly bill through simple measures, you will free up more money for all of your business's other needs.

Drone perspective of vineyard rows.

Organic Farming Industry Overview

Jun 6, 2024

Starting an organic farm? This industry overview provides organic farming trends, performance metrics and guidelines for how to start an organic farm.

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Small Business Month: Climate Action and the Green Economy

Oct 10, 2021

How can we, as entrepreneurs, combat climate change while running a small business? Can our personal values, business models, and the need for climate action align? These offerings provide a plethora of perspectives, from trailblazers to trendspotters, for taking corporate social responsibility. They provide a model and ethos for how we can make change when we act together.

The making of a 'Green Business'

Oct 10, 2010

More and more people are taking strides to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ by switching to cleaner energy sources, recycling, lowering CO2 emissions and by reducing personal energy usage. How then, can your business go green?