Eight Green Business Ideas

Last Updated: May 12, 2016

The world is clamouring for products and services that protect the environment. A recent Nielsen survey found that 42% of North American consumers are willing to pay more for green products and services. There are many ways that environmentally conscious businesses can tap into this demand.

1. Sustainable Landscape Service

Start a sustainable garden or landscaping service. Offer organic products such as fertilizers and pest control. Develop low maintenance landscapes and follow the best practices outlined in the Canadian Landscape Standard. If you have a landscape service, consider adopting sustainable best practices and make sustainability part of your marketing materials.

2. Green App Development

If you are technically savvy but not as interested in going outside, building a green app is an appealing way to start a green business. Green apps  can help people track their impact on the planet, teach sustainable lessons via games, and make government environmental data widely available. Consider the other businesses on this list and apps they would want. Be sure to develop a marketing strategy for your app.

3. Sustainable Cleaning Service

Cleaning is a water and chemical intensive process. If you are launching or own a cleaning business, there are many green practices you can adopt. Research and implement water saving measures. Consider the chemicals you use and if there are more environmentally friendly products on the market such as green seal products. Finally, promote you eco-aware business practices in your marketing materials.

4. Green Event Planning

Events and meetings can consume a lot of resources. If you are an event planner or want to start an event planning business consider ways to reduce resource use. Also look for green products such as compostable dishware and second-hand goods. Share your green practices in your marketing materials and customer interactions.

5. Green Food Service Business

Since 2009, the Leaders in Environmental Accountable Foodservice (LEAF) have worked to provide businesses in the foodservice industry with green best practices and certification. Their suggestions include using organic and local foods and implementing energy efficient appliances. Share your produce sources and advertise your green practices. 

6. LEED Certification Consultants

From 2004-2009 about .8% of new construction in Canada met LEED certification standards. In 2014, 10.7% of new construction in Canada was LEED certified. This growth has led to a demand for businesses to facilitate LEED certification. Businesses already in the construction sector such as architects and construction contractors are well positioned to make LEED certification a business service.

7. E-Waste Pick Up Service

People are busier than ever with less time for common chores like buying groceries or dropping off library books, never mind recycling their outdated electronic devices such as computers, cell phones or televisions. In 2011, according to a survey by Statistics Canada, 53% of respondents had e-waste to dispose of. Providing a pick-up service saves people time and ensures electronics are recycled properly. Look into buying a hybrid truck or van to run your service.

8. Refurbishing Furniture

Many people throw out furniture rather than fixing it. Offer to haul away unwanted furniture and refurbish it to sell. This can range from fixing uneven legs to making new furniture with old parts. Also consider other items you can reuse to create new products such as records, mason jars, and other items.


The green industry continues to remain strong with major opportunities for expansion. If you already own a business there are many ways you can alter your practices to reflect green values. If you are planning to launch an environmentally conscious business there are many opportunities for you to pursue. Make sure to keep up to date on environmental best practices in your industry and share your environmental values with your customers. Check out our list of Accelerator Guides, Green-Eco Business Accelerator Guide, Green, to explore even more business ideas.

Do you have a green business idea to share? Lets us know in the comments below.


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