Calling All Small Businesses: Apply for a BC Tech Co-op Grant!

Published: Mar 15, 2018
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Small businesses know the value of having a co-op student on their team – they bring in a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and an eager-to-learn attitude at an affordable cost. But what if there was a way to make hiring a co-op even more valuable for your company?

With the BC Innovation Council’s BC Tech Co-op Grants Program, companies can apply for up to four grants per year, each for $2,700, to use towards their co-op’s salary. That translates to up to $10,800 per year!

How does it work?

The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program was established to support talent in BC’s technology sector. Small businesses based in BC could be eligible if they are either:

  • Tech companies or non-profits in the tech sector hiring for any role
  • Non-tech companies or non-profits hiring for a tech role

Does this sound like you? Full eligibility details can be found on our website.

Still deciding if a co-op student is the right choice for your small business?

We know the value that co-op students can bring to a business, but don’t just take our word for it - check out these stories from some of our grant recipients.

NL Engineered Precast Products from Armstrong, BC

“The co-op student had an excellent technical background which lead to understanding the role he was to take on. This led to him learning new tasks extremely quickly and helped him to be of value early on in his work term.”

ContainerWest Manufacturing from Richmond, BC

“We hired a co-op student to redesign and build a new website. From creating graphic representations of all of our products, to taking and editing professional quality photographs, to finding a visually compelling way to display past work, our student completely transformed the company's image and far surpassed expectations.”

Santevia Water Systems from Delta, BC

“We hired a co-op student to support a number of projects, including monitoring new production equipment, documenting test results, and assisting with the development of new product concepts. The student was essential for completing tasks in the Research & Development Department and contributed to the success of many projects.”

Learn More

Convinced that hiring a co-op student is the right choice for your business? Check out the program webpage for more information.

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