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Arts and Handicrafts Guide

Arts, crafts, and handcrafts retailers are individual artisans and establishments that sell unique artistic creations. These sellers often specialize in a particular medium, such as glass, wood, or stone. They may also make art that stems from their traditions and their local context, as First Nations, Aboriginal, Inuit, and Metis artisans and craftspeople do. The arts and handicrafts industry is a significant part of the Canadian culture sector, accounting for over $2.2 billion in GDP in 2016. It’s also a direct industry, without many middlemen: 85% of the money made through craft sales goes directly to the artisan or craftsperson. Retailers often buy products directly from local artists, or create their own products.

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Confectionery Guide

Confectionery can include sweets, candy and chocolate among other items to satisfy one's sweet tooth. Business owners within this industry can work with a single product like chocolate or offer a wide variety of products. Businesses can work with retailers to offer their products, sell online or through a shop or work with event planners catering to specific events.

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Jewellery Design Guide

Jewellery designers create, craft or fabricate items of jewellery. Jewellery designers are often goldsmiths, silversmiths, or metalworkers, but can also work with a variety of other materials. Jewellery designers often work with distributors and retail store owners to get their jewellery to consumers. 

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