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Last Updated: June 12, 2017

In the course of operating a business, every owner/manager comes across an issue or question that they're just not certain how to answer. Some questions can live without answers. Other questions, such as 'How should I handle privacy in the workplace?' or 'How much am I required to pay employees for overtime work?' require more definite answers. If you're looking for specific information on legal or regulatory issues - CCH print publications are an effective way to find answers. 

CCH (Commercial Clearing House) Print Publications cover a variety of topics that matter to BC business owners. Each publication offers commentary written by business experts on topics such as accounting, finance, human resource legislation or business law - as well as the actual provincial or federal legislation concerning an issue. These commentaries can be extremely helpful, as (let's be honest) reading alone through government legislation in search of relevant answers is probably not a great approach. Most importantly, these guides are kept up to date through regular updates and amendments - any purchaser of a CCH print publication can receive these updates to keep everything current and accurate.

Here's a list of relevant CCH publications that VPL (Vancouver Public Library) has to offer:

  • British Columbia Tax Reporter
  • Canadian Tax Reporter
  • Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST) Reporter
  • Canadian Business Management Manual (Great for start-up research)
  • Canadian Government Programs and Services
  • Government Assistance Manual
  • Canadian Labour Law Reporter
  • British Columbia Real Estate Law Guide
  • Canadian Securities Law Reporter
  • Canada Corporations Law Reporter
  • BC Corporations Law Guide (Helpful info if you're thinking about incorporating your business)
  • Canadian Commercial Law Guide
  • Canadian Corporate Secretary's Guide
  • Canadian Estate Planning & Administration Guide
  • Canadian Insurance Law Reporter
  • Canadian Transportation Law Reporter

Just to put some perspective on the value of these resources, Wolters Kluwer - publisher of CCH guides, price most of these guides between $600-800 CDN each. Since it's unlikely that any small business owner would want to (or need to) pay that kind of price for a reference guide that might only come in handy a few times per year, being able to access these guides through VPL is a huge benefit. 

CCH is an important resource - and is made available to all BC residents, regardless of location or proximity to Vancouver Public Library. Physical copies of the CCH guides offered by VPL are held at their Central Branch in downtown Vancouver - in the business reference room. If an in-person visit to VPL doesn't work for you, there is an option to have specific pages from a guide sent via fax - either to your local public library or another fax machine you have access to. 

To get more information, or access to CCH guides, start by visiting your local public library for assistance or If you have a specific question or information need, contact VPL directly for access information.

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